Do you want a website for your small business,
but you don't know how to create it?

Do you already have a website for your small business,
but you think it could be better?

I can help.

Big web-design companies tend to be ... well, big. They design big, complex, powerful websites for businesses that need a big web presence, with online catalogs and order forms and anything else that's needed. They're a very good choice for businesses that need that sort of thing. For businesses that don't ... not so much.

Small web-design companies can design very nice small websites. Unfortunately, some small web-designers charge high rates for basic services -- higher than many small businesses can easily afford. Others can do some of what's required to create a website, but not all of it.

Then there's me.

I create small, inexpensive websites for small businesses that don't need elaborate functions such as shopping carts or product catalogs. I use simple, eye-pleasing page layouts connected in an equally simple 'floorplan' to create websites that are:

  • fun for visitors to look at, with a mix of graphics and text
  • easy for visitors to understand & navigate
  • informative, telling users all they need to know about your business

Here are a few samples of sites I've created in the past:

Dynasty Farms

Screenshot: Dynasty Farms webpage

A basic four-page site for a boarding stable in Salem, NH. This site shows what I can do using only basic tools and functions.

Renovation Specialists, Inc.

Screenshot: Renovation Specialists

A prototype site for a friend's small business. He does home-interior renovations. This site demonstrates a few more advanced functions as well as my design philosophy of "keep things simple, and use advanced techniques where they'll do the most good."

Star Island
Marine Research Labs

Screenshot: SIMRI fictional website

A project for a class I took,which describes a fictional marine research lab located on Star Island, Isles of Shoals. Since the goal was to demonstrate advanced web-design functions, this site contains many of them, including image-maps, rollover effects, and flyout menus.


Since I'm a writer and photographer as well as a website designer, I can offer complete web-design services: page layout & design, site layout & design, and whatever level of content-creation might be necessary. If I can help you with your website, I will; if I can't, I'll try to point you to someone who can.

My basic rates are:

  • Initial Consultation -- free. This would be a few minutes, perhaps an hour or so, where we discuss what you need, what you want, and whether I can do it. This can be either in person or over the phone.
  • Webpage Creation -- a flat fee of $250 covers up to 6 pages. Additional pages are $25 per page. This includes layout, design, and any specialized programming. It does not include content.
  • Content creation -- $20/hr. I can write copy and (assuming you're located close enough to me) take any photographs you might need. If you have digital photos that need editing, I can do that. If you have print photos that need to be digitized, I can do that too. Obviously, the more you can do yourself, the less it will cost you.
  • Expenses -- 10¢ per mile for any traveling I have to do. You cover charges such as domain registration and site hosting. I'll explain what that means and help you look for good rates.

I reserve the right to alter these prices, depending on the complexity of the job.

When the job is done, you get copies of the source code files for the site, along with all the necessary information to access your account on the hosting service you choose. That way, if you want to update the site in the future, you won't be forced to come back to me. Any web programmer will be able to edit or revise it for you.