Horse Photography Samples

The wild rush of a barrel-racer at full speed...

The blast of a cowboy shooter's blackpowder revolver...

The mighty leap of a cross-country eventer...

The smooth, elegant gait of a pleasure horse...

The focused power of a working horse...

I can capture all these for you -- and much more!

The photography side of my business focuses on small horse shows and events. I roam around southern New Hampshire visiting whatever events seem to offer good opportunities. I then edit my photos and post the best ones to my Web galleries, so you can see them and select which ones you want to get. There's no base fee and no minimum -- you pay for the prints you buy, nothing more.


For a $50 fee, I take reservations to cover specific events anywhere up to an hour from Manchester NH. Tell me the date and place, and if I'm available then I'll reserve that date for you. I'll stay a minimum of two hours and take as many pictures as I can during that time. For an additional $50, afterward I'll send you up to a dozen of the best pictures on CD-ROM with limited rights to use them for publicity purposes, such as flyers, magazine articles, your own Web site, etc. And I'll still post my photos from the event to the Web for individuals to look at and buy prints.

Lessons & Training Sessions

Are you a trainer or a riding instructor? Do you want pictures of a lesson or a training session? Well then, call me to make an appointment. I'll come to your stable and photograph your session. After I sort the photos and select the best, I'll burn them to a CD-ROM and mail them to you. You can then get prints of them made anywhere. For this service, I charge a flat rate of $25/hour with a two-hour minimum, figured from the time I arrive to the time I leave, plus a travel fee of 15¢/mile.

Purchasing Prints

To make things easy on both of us, I sell my photographs online. You order prints and other products online, pay by credit card, and the products are mailed directly to you. For most photos, I sell three sizes of prints: 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10. You can also buy other products, such as mugs, mouse pads, and T-shirts. Finally, if you only want electronic versions, then you can buy low-resolution digital downloads of selected pictures. These download versions are suitable for emailing or posting to websites, but not for printing. I can also make special arrangements to print photos myself, if you can't order online for some reason.

I have many photographs already available for sale. Visit my online galleries and take a look!

Unless otherwise specified, I sell my photographs only for personal use and enjoyment by the buyer and their family. I retain all other rights. If you want to use any of my pictures for any other purpose, you must obtain my permission in advance. If the photo(s) in question includes a recognizable person, you must also obtain their permission in advance.

I reserve the right to change my policies at any time.