New for 2013: Customized Portraits

Sample Custom Portrait

Small 'westernized' portrait suitable for use on mugs, small prints, etc.

Would you like a portrait that isn't just a portrait? Something that shows you in a different light, or against a different background? I can do that, using either a separate photo I take for this purpose, or any show photo that you specify. I'll then turn the selected photo into a customized poster that can be purchased through my gallery like any of my regular pictures. I can put your image against a different background, add text in a variety of fonts and formats, and more. There are limits, but if I can fill your request, I will.

Custom portraits are priced individually. A simple one such as the "Gunfighter for Hire" image shown here costs $15. More complex requests will be priced according to the amount of work involved.

Capture the Memories at Shows and Events

Horse Photography Samples

The wild rush of a barrel-racer at full speed...

The blast of a cowboy shooter's blackpowder revolver...

The mighty leap of a cross-country eventer...

The smooth, elegant gait of a pleasure horse...

The focused power of a working horse...

I can capture all these for you -- and much more!

Throughout the show season, I travel to small shows and events held within an hour's drive of Manchester, NH. I take pictures of the riders at these shows, select the best, then upload them for sale at my online galleries.

Record your Lessons & Training Sessions

Ranch Horse rider herding a cow

What are you doing right?

What, if anything, are you doing wrong?

You can't watch and ride at the same time ... but my camera can watch while you ride, and show you what you and your horse look like. I can even take short videos. After I sort the photos and select the best, I'll burn them to a CD-ROM and mail them to you. (Shipping for the CD is included in the overall price.) You can then get prints of them made anywhere.

As with shows, I offer this service to anyone located within an hour's drive of Manchester, NH. I can travel farther, but I may have to charge a travel fee to cover gas and other expenses.

Personalized Portraits

Would you like to have a portrait of your horse? A really good one, the kind that you can use to remember him or her in years to come? Perhaps you'd like it on a mug? A pen-holder for your desk? A tote bag? A set of coasters? Well then, give me a call. I'll come and do a photo shoot, upload the pictures, and you can buy any kind of merchandise you want through my online store.