If you'd like me to attend a specific event for your organization, tell me the date and place, and if I'm available then I'll reserve that time for you. I charge a $50 reservation fee, to be paid when I arrive onsite. I will stay at least three hours, and do my best to get photos of all participants.

Private Sessions

I am available to do private photo shoots, such as:

Lessons and Training Sessions -- Are you a trainer or a student rider? Would you like to see yourself as the judge will? Call me and arrange and you'd like pictures of a lesson or training session, I can come to your stable and take them. I can even take short videos, up to thirty seconds or so.

Portrait Sessions -- If you want portrait-style pictures of your horse, or you and your horse, then I can come and take some. Natural light only -- I won't use flash with a horse, or any animal, unless I'm sure they won't react badly to it.

Advertising Photos -- If you have something to sell or advertise, you need pictures. I can take them for you.

My base rate for private sessions is $25/hour, figured from the time I arrive to the time I leave. I set a two-hour minimum so I can be sure of covering expenses. After I sort the photos and select the best, you have two choices for how to proceed:

  1. I burn a CD of the best photos and mail it to you. You receive limited rights to use the photos for any personal use, including but not limited to prints, social media, etc.
  2. I upload the photos to a private gallery in my online store. You can then order prints, merchandise, etc., online, at a large discount from my regular prices.

I reserve the right to change prices and terms depending on the magnitude and difficulty of the job.