Ordering through my online store is easiest, for both you and me. However, some of my products, like my Photo CDs, aren't yet available online. I also understand that some people can't use my online store for various reasons. For example, the online store can run very slowly over a dial-up connection. For both reasons, I will also take direct orders.

Store Products

To directly order a store product (print, download, T-shirt, etc.), send me a letter or an e-mail that identifies the product(s) and photo(s) that you want. I will have the items shipped directly to you, and you then pay by mailed check or money order. Digital downloads will be sent as files on a CD. If you want to see what items are available, then email me and I'll send you the current list.

Photo CDs

Do you want to buy a whole show's worth of photos at once? How about a digital album of your shows for an entire season? Then a Photo CD may be what you're looking for. Each CD contains a number of high-resolution photos, large enough for printing. Once you have the CD, you can get prints made from it anywhere.

I offer four different Photo CD products:

Rider CD All photos of a single rider from a single show.
Minimum photo count: 10 photos.
Barn CD Selected photos of multiple riders from the same family or stable, in a single show. Minimum 10 photos per rider. (Note: riders participating in only one or two classes may get fewer photos)
$30 per rider, to maximum price of $210
Season CD Selected photos of a single rider over an entire show season.
Minimum photo count: 20 photos.
Show CD All photos from a specific show.

The Minimum Photo Count means that the CD will always include at least that many photos. I will try to edit out duplicates, so you don't just get a CD full of a couple of dozen almost-identical pictures. If I can't find enough good photos of your selected rider in my archives, I'll reduce the price or give you the option of canceling your order.

To order a Photo CD, send me an email or a letter with the following information:

For a Rider CD: some way to identify the show and rider that you want. I never cover more than one show a day, so the date and location is enough to identify a show. To identify a rider, I need either the rider's card number (if the show used cards) or the name of a photo from my galleries that shows the rider you want. For example, if you want a Rider CD from a show on April 17th, 2010, and you're the rider I've identified as "Rider05" in that show, then in your email you'd say something like "I'd like to order a Rider CD of Rider05 from the show you photographed on April 17th, 2010." I can also use a description to identify a rider and horse, but that's not always as reliable as a card number of rider number.

For a Season or Stable CD: some way to identify the rider that you want. As with the Rider CD, you can identify the rider using either their card number or the name of a photo that shows them.

For a Show CD: the date and location of the show. Please note: I will only accept Show CD orders from the show organizer.

For an additional $5, I'll create a second folder on the Photo CD that includes small versions of your photos, suitable for use on websites or in email.

Payment for Photo CDs must be by check or money order. Sending cash through the mail is a bad idea, and I don't yet take credit cards.