I create small, inexpensive websites for small businesses that don't need elaborate functions such as shopping carts or product catalogs. I use simple, eye-pleasing page layouts connected in an equally simple 'floorplan' to create websites that are:

  • fun for visitors to look at, with a mix of graphics and text
  • simple for visitors to understand & navigate
  • informative, telling users all they need to know about your business

Here are a few samples of sites I've created in the past:

Equus Stables

Screenshot: Equus Stables webpage

A basic four-page site for a boarding stable in Salem, NH. This site shows what I can do using only basic tools and functions.

Star Island
Marine Research Labs

Screenshot: SIMRI fictional website

This site for a fictional marine-research lab demonstrates a number of advanced web-design functions, such as image-maps, rollover effects, and flyout menus.

NH Cowboy Mounted Shooters

Screenshot: SIMRI fictional website

A work in progress, this is a redesign of a website for the New Hampshire Cowboy Mounted Shooters, a small nonprofit group that puts on Cowboy Mounted Shooting events in NH. At the moment it consists of only two pages: a front page and a Rules page, which demonstrates expanding and contracting sections.